A Bitcoin auction to be held by the US Marshals Service

There is an auction of approximately 2,170 Bitcoins announced by the United States Marshals Service that were seized in the course of various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases, as stated in a press release on March 5.
Bitcoin Price
The auction date is reported to be March 19, 2018, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT. Bidders interested in participating in the auction will be required to go through a registration process, along with a $200,000 deposit that must be filled by noon EDT on March 14.
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The bitcoins will be split and offered in 14 different blocks: two blocks of 500 BTC, 11 blocks of 100 BTC, and one block of approximately 70 BTC. Winning bidders will be privately notified on the day of the auction.

The United States Marshals Service has published on its website a list of the range of cases in which bitcoins have been seized in the form of an official notice. Shaun Bridges, one of the record holders, was convicted of stealing $800,000 worth of bitcoins in 2015.
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The United States Marshals Service has previously held auctions of bitcoins that were seized in the course of civil and criminal proceedings. The agency sold 3,813 BTC on January 22, 2018, a sum worth more than $40 million based on the exchange rate of that particular day.
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The previous auction was held in August 2016 where 2,700 BTC were sold. The estimated market value at the time was nearly $1.6 million.
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An overview of Bitcoin Exchange

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. It is introducing new terms and systems for business and communications every day. The Internet has made a great contribution to this advancement; especially when it comes to business. Online trading or online forex trading has recently attracted many traders. One of the common forms of online trading is Bitcoin Exchange.
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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin exchange is a new money system for the internet that works on the concept of digital currency. It initializes the peer-to-peer payment system for people who have no central authority. It uses a new concept of cryptocurrency that was initially introduced in 1998. Cryptography controls the creation and transactions of digital money. Bitcoin works through a software system and has no central controlling authority, so it is managed and controlled equally by its users around the world.
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How Bitcoin Exchange Works

You can work with Bitcoin exchange just like you work with any other type of currency exchange. Just like working with banks, it is easy to transact through Bitcoin Exchange. Analogous to physical trading, the user has to pay to buy Bitcoins. The difference is that the person has to open an account with some Bitcoin Exchanger. The user’s payment asset will be available in the form of digital currency that can be used to purchase any type of product. Bitcoins can also be exchanged with other bitcoin holders. This system works similarly to changing money at banks.

Carrying out transactions

In almost all payment systems, payments can be reversed after making a transaction using PayPal or credit cards. But with Bitcoin, the situation changes, as once a transaction is made, it cannot be recovered or reversed. So be careful when exchanging your bitcoins with forex media as you may face refund issues. It is preferable to make exchanges with other nearby bitcoin holders.
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Benefits of Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin currency exchange is quite new. It is a kind of software based payment system where you do transactions digitally. Here’s how it can benefit you:

· Make transactions faster than other systems

· Always available for transactions

· Make transactions from anywhere in the world

· Make more secure transactions

· Carry out transactions without interference from third parties

· Monitor all transactions from your home computer or smartphone

· Buy any type of asset using bitcoin

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange is an innovation in the economic systems of the world. When used practically, some drawbacks also appear. Some of them are the following:

Ø Market acceptance

The number of bitcoin users is growing, but it is still not a widely used currency or exchange system. Their level of acceptance in financial matters is still low.

Ø Instability

Since Bitcoin is not commonly used, it is not a stable currency. However, there is hope that this instability will reduce as the list of users and the amount of bitcoins in the market become more easily used.
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Ø Partial development

A big problem is that the Bitcoin software is still in its beta phase and there are a number of imperfect features, which still need to be fixed. New modules are under development to make bitcoin exchange safer for everyone.
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Is Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin is reportedly entering forbidden territory as it creates a wave of controversy between “high” society and savvy digital investors. These digital marketers are trying to earn their share of the billion-dollar-a-day digital pie as corporate society seeks to reduce the spiraling value of what appears to be a “monetary threat.” Some who strive to exploit the poor and vulnerable are not having it as they try to inoculate the masses in an attempt to suffocate this growing “digital monster”.

These seemingly corporate criminals continue to keep a close eye on how the less fortunate spend their money while trying to build financial cartels around the world, but thanks to digital technology, Bitcoins have revolutionized money control in the 21st!

The Cons

Despite the growth of digital currencies like Bitcoins, it would be remiss of me not to reveal the drawbacks of these virtual currencies. Due to the fact that their fingerprints are encrypted, they cannot be tracked online. While one gets the pleasure of privacy and security when trading, it provides another gateway to hide and conduct illicit transactions.

When this happens, drug dealers, terrorists and other suspected criminals will continue to conduct their illicit trade undetected when using Bitcoins.

The pros

However, amidst the monetary chaos, Bitcoins offer anyone enormous investment opportunities and growth potential. No one controls the virtual currency as it can be accessed by the public in cyberspace and the value continues to appreciate as society stumbles through the remnants of inflation.

The average man in the street can buy, save, trade, invest and increase his chances of financial success without the interference of government restrictions, controls and fiduciary regulations; therefore, spiraling inflations become a thing of the past.

Many truly believe that the #1 problem in our society is establishing financial monopolies. When a corporation decides to control currency, gold, and fuel, it uses its power to dictate how the money should be spent.

The regulations put in place by large and wealthy multi-corporations are only geared towards adding more wealth and power to their portfolios rather than benefiting borrowers seeking financial help. Also, those at the top are trying to drain the swamp so others can depend on them while they can get richer but can’t control the digital currency!

The brighter side of the coin

The time has come for the world to open its eyes and this is what Bitcoin is all about. Those trying to control the world are threatened by this Frankenstein, but I doubt they can stop it or tell. 1 Bitcoin is currently worth $844099.07 Jamaican Dollar or $6895.80 US Dollar. The cost of 1 Bitcoin in 2009 was 0.05 USD!

Keeping up with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cyber currency that has attracted a lot of media attention over the past couple of years and continues to do so. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous group or individual in 2009, who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, after which it is named after the smallest unit of the Bitcoin currency. It is the first cryptocurrency and probably the best known. Originally of interest only to the Internet elite, Bitcoin has gained wider appeal in recent years and commands respect in its own right for the currency.

How does Bitcoin work?

The finer details of how Bitcoin works can be complicated to understand, because it is not under central control like a conventional currency, but rather each transaction is collectively approved by a network of users. There are no coins or bills or bullion stored in a vault, but the supply of Bitcoin is finite, it will stop at 21 million. Every 10 minutes Bitcoin “miners” find 25 Bitcoins, and every 4 years the number of Bitcoins released will be halved until the limit is reached. This means that there will be no more release of Bitcoins after 2140.

Why do I need Bitcoin news?

Historically, the price has been very volatile, with significant peaks and troughs at intervals. Recently, the price of a Bitcoin increased more than 10 times in just two months. In 2013 several Bitcoin Millionaires were made overnight when the value of their Bitcoin wallets increased dramatically. If you already have some bitcoins in your digital wallet or are thinking about dipping your toe in the water, you should really keep up with Bitcoin news. Bitcoin trading is an increasingly popular alternative or complement to conventional forex trading, and is growing in support as more brokers jump in.

Despite the gradual decline in the Bitcoin discovery rate, interest in Bitcoin news continues. There is a real and constant demand for up-to-date and reliable information about its value. Bitcoin recently received a strong endorsement from PayPal, which will undoubtedly bolster confidence in its credibility as a reliable alternative to conventional bank card or cash transactions on the Internet and on the street. This could appease critics of Bitcoin, who claim that the system used to approve or validate transactions, called Blockchain, is insecure and vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money

What is Bitcoin?

Answer: Bitcoin is a digital product (Payment method/currency/commodity/digital gold) which was created in 2009.

Who owns Bitcoin?

Answer: Bitcoin is a network. It is not owned by an individual or a bank. The creator of Bitcoin is called Satoshi Nakamodo.

How does the value of Bitcoin grow?

Answer: There are many factors that determine the value of Bitcoin, below are the two main factors that affect its growth once it is released to the open market:

1. One of the factors is the usability of the currency: Bitcoin has more than 250,000 merchants, the more Bitcoin is accepted and used worldwide the more its value increases.

2. Supply and Demand: Only 21 million Bitcoins can be generated, but the demand is increasing. This is having a positive effect on the value of Bitcoin. There are other factors that influence the price of Bitcoin, below I will state some government regulations, media influence, more acceptance, technological changes and advances, endorsements.

How does Bitcoin work?

Answer: Bitcoin is an Internet-based currency that ensures financial independence. It is used and marketed intelligently; using your smartphone or computer. This is like having your own bank in your pocket.

Is Bitcoin the only digital product?

Answer: No Bitcoin was the first since the other 700 digital currencies have been created and are used/accepted globally. However, Bitcoin is the GOLD standard of digital products. It is the one with the most credibility. To buy any other digital currency, you must first buy Bitcoin.

Can Bitcoin be converted to regular local currency?

Answer: Yes, and now you can go to an ATM locally and buy Bitcoin or withdraw local currency.

What is Bitcoin trading?

Answer: Trading simply means buying low and selling high. The same concept applies to Bitcoin trading, we have a smart system that monitors the Bitcoin market 24 hours a day and automatically catches when Bitcoin is on its decline and then rises, the system buys and sells FOR YOU on your behalf The result is that you reap healthy benefits on a daily basis.

You get paid in BITCOINS!

What are the returns/benefits of this investment?

Answer: All profits are made in Bitcoins. This expansion is through our business operations and profits are generated daily. Depending on any amount invested during the 8 – 12 month period, the profits will be on average 70% to 90% in the form of Bitcoins. Considering the fact that Bitcoin prices increase over time with increasing demand, the profits in fiat currency will be even greater.

What are the benefits of telling family and friends?

Answer: We encourage our investors to share their experience with their business circle. Any registration referred will guarantee the commission of 10% of the invested amount

How will profits be paid to investors?

Answer: Profits will be generated daily but can be shared weekly or monthly as needed and can be transferred to the investor’s bank account. The main benefits are in the form of Bitcoins, but we will convert them to fiat currency according to the market value for transfer.

Mom, where do bitcoins come from? Bitcoin Mining Explained

“Mom, where do Bitcoins come from?” Well, you see, when a young, bright Bitcoin catches the eye of an ambitious miner, and because they love each other so much…

Wait, that’s obviously too hard to solve here. Also, my whole point is to keep things simple. Anyway, bitcoins are made by solving complex mathematical problems. This is done by a powerful machine that is built to solve these mathematical problems. This process is called mining. People who own these machines to earn money by mining Bitcoins are called miners. When a batch of problems is solved, it is known as a block. Blocks are verified by other users and, once verified, are added to what is called a block chain. This chain continues to grow and a new block is added approximately every 10 minutes. This chain is really just a ledger that will continue to grow and never end.

Very powerful mining machines use a lot of power and increase the miner’s monthly utility bill. The reason it takes so much power is the genius of the math involved. It requires the mining machine to perform complex cryptographic algorithms. Once a math problem is solved with the machine, a block of coins is born. Every time 210,000 blocks have been created, the miner reward is halved. It takes 4 years to achieve this. So it’s like a Bitcoin Olympics. Currently the block reward is 12 Bitcoins (on June 23, 2020 the reward will be only 6 coins). These coins go to the miner whose machine was the lucky lottery winner at the time. There is a winner every 10 minutes. There are also many competing miners out there. The mining finger now has something of value. Take out enough coins and you pay your electricity bill and a little more.

There is also another way to do it. It’s called cloud mining. With this type of mining you pay to use someone else’s network and this significantly reduces your profits. The positives of this method are that it does not require using electricity or even buying a machine.

It sounds good for me. I want to start mining now. Is this a good idea and can I generate passive income on a regular basis? possibly Hold on for now and you can make that call later.

Let’s try to break this down.

Going back to the original form of machine mining, you should start by buying a quality mining machine. This would cost you about $2,000. Here is a picture of a good machine (Bitmain’s Antminer S9) capable of creating a high hash rate of 14 TH/s. 1 TH/s is 1,000,000,000,000 hashes per second. This machine does 14 times more. That’s a lot of hashing power. A hash is just a very long number that the machine creates every time it tries to solve the algorithm. Again, to use my lottery analogy, all these machines are out there hoping to be the next winner.

Then your chances of winning become more and more difficult with more competition. Further complicating this issue is that each time one math problem is solved, the next problem becomes increasingly difficult to solve. The difficulty of the Bitcoin network changes approximately every two weeks or 2,016 blocks. The number of Bitcoins that will ever be created is finite. This number becomes 21,000,000. Once we reach that number, there can never be another Bitcoin. However, the blockchain itself will continue to expand because it is used to verify each transaction or purchase.

Also remember the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym I wrote about? Did you know that today’s math problems are more than 70,000 times harder for machines to solve than when we mined the first Bitcoin in 2009?! The estimate is that the final coin will be mined in 2140 because the system is halved every four years (210,000 blocks). There have already been 16,400,000 coins mined (78%) and each coin from now on will be mined at a much slower rate. Yes, you read that right. Basically 80% was mined in the first 8 years and it will take over 100 years to mine the final 20%. If any of my great grandchildren are reading this, I hope you feel great about our family’s Bitcoins now valued at 220,000 per Bitcoin. We can all dream well!

Buying a mining machine or buying a cloud mining contract is risky. While there are great success stories out there, be sure to research them thoroughly before deciding whether mining is right for you. For every person who makes money, there are many people who lose money.

By the way, a great place to see all the cryptocurrencies out there and their total coins and market cap, Coin Market Cap is a great resource. You can see the 700+ fly-by-night altcoins out there. An altcoin is just another way of saying any cryptocurrency coin other than Bitcoin. By now you probably know that Bitcoin is like the Rose Bowl, the granddaddy of them all! For now, I would try to limit my focus and research to the top 10. Not that there aren’t success stories of one of the almost worthless ones now. It’s just that finding one is like choosing the right penny stock. Sticking with established companies that are being recognized by mainstream analysts is a much safer bet. The same goes for the exchange you use to buy, sell and trade. This is why I use Coinbase to do my trades as they are the most reliable, secure and convenient exchange. They also have the most thorough verification process when it comes to adding altcoins.

Here is a summary of the key points of this article:

-Bitcoins are created from mining

-Mining is done by powerful machines that solve complex mathematical problems. You can also buy contracts called cloud mining if you don’t want to buy a machine.

-Problems get harder as coins are mined and production rate slows down

-As of May 2017, there are only 72 Bitcoins mined per hour (12 every 10 minutes)

-On June 23, 2020, it will be halved again to only 6 spawns every 10 minutes

– Almost 80% of the finite number of 21,000,000 Bitcoin coins have already been mined

-Competition between miners and increasingly complex math problems make it harder to mine for profit

– The final coin is estimated to have been minted in 2140

5 tips to consider before investing in Bitcoin

In 2017, Bitcoin experienced huge growth and people made a lot of money in the process. Even today, Bitcoin is one of the most lucrative markets. If you’re just a beginner, you might want to do your homework before putting money into Bitcoin. Below are 5 expert tips that can help you avoid some common mistakes while trading Bitcoins.

1. Learn the basics first

First, you might want to learn the basics so you can get a better idea of ​​how to buy and sell Bitcoin. Also, you might want to read reviews of popular Bitcoin exchanges to find the best platform.

As with other types of financial investments, you may want to find ways to protect your investment. Make sure your assets are safe from fraudsters and cyber-attacks. After all, security is the most important aspect of any type of investment.

2. Consider market capitalization

It is not a good idea to make such decisions based on the price of the coin alone. However, the value of the cryptocurrency is only valid if the existing supply in circulation is taken into account.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, don’t focus too much on the existing value of the currency. Instead, you may want to consider aggregate market capitalization.

3. Invest in Bitcion instead of mining Bitcoins

The Bitcoin mining industry is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. At first, it wasn’t that difficult to earn Bitcoins by cracking crypto puzzles. Later, it was possible to mine Bitcoin only in special data centers.

These centers are full of machines designed to mine Bitcoin. Today, if you want to build a mining center at home, you may have to spend millions. So it is better to invest in Bitcoins.

4. Diversify your investments

New Bitcoin investors often have a short-lived passion for the cryptocurrency. In fact, with Bitcoin, you can diversify your investment risk. If you invest in cryptocurrency wisely, you can enjoy the same rewards as investing in Forex. All you need to do is develop a solid risk management strategy.

In other words, you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. So you might want to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well.

5. Set clear goals

Since Bitcoin is a new market, it may be difficult for you to know the right time to trade your Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin is volatile, which means that you should have clear goals in terms of profit and loss.

You may not want to make the mistake of making your investment decisions based on your emotions. Making smart moves can help you minimize your losses and make good progress.

In short, if you want to invest in Bitcoin, we suggest you follow the advice given in this article. This will help you make wise decisions while staying safe. Just make sure you avoid common mistakes when running this business.

4 benefits you can enjoy if you invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency based on the peer-to-peer network. It was introduced in 2009. What sets this type of currency apart from regular currency is that it is not centralized or dependent on any banking or government authority. However, Bitcoin offers many advantages. For example, it includes lower transaction fees than conventional payment mechanisms. Let’s take a look at the 4 benefits you can enjoy if you invest in Bitcoin. Read on to find out more.

Multiple uses

At first, Bitcoin users used the currency to perform routine financial transactions without paying many fees. Since then, the coin has been used for many other purposes.

In fact, Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to facilitate digital transactions. Therefore, all transactions are verified and validated first. In addition, all transactions can be viewed online through the database available on the blockchain site.

Apart from this, Bitcoins can be used to digitally trade securities for land titles, insurance claims, etc. However, it is important to note that these uses are in the development phase. Therefore, they have not yet become part of the mainstream.

However, the coin has been quite successful. Therefore, it has revolutionized the entire industry. According to many researchers, the value of Bitcoin will continue to increase in the future. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in BTC if you want to get a great return on your investment.

Expected earnings

First, it is important to note that the potential gain outweighs the potential loss when it comes to putting money into Bitcoin. According to many crypto analysts, Bitcoin will become an international currency in the future. In other words, the chances of losing money are lower than the chances of making a significant profit. So it’s a somewhat safe investment.

If this happens, it will give a boost to world trade. As a result, the value of a Bitcoin will increase 20,000 times its current value. However, it can only happen if this currency is recognized as valid currency for domestic and international trade.

Interest on your investment

Since Bitcoin is taken as a type of basic money, you can invest your Bitcoin in the same way that you put money into any business using traditional fiat money. Therefore, you can also earn interest on the money invested. Other than that, you can sell your Bitcoins after they have increased in value.

easy access

The interesting thing is that you don’t have to hold your Bitcoins for a long time to make a profit. Depending on how much money people transfer to the Bitcoin network, you can also make a profit in a short period of time.

Long story short, it’s a great idea to invest in Bitcoin in 2019. Just make sure you keep an eye on the latest developments to take advantage of the opportunities available.

About Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an unknown person with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the currency has been around for a long time, its popularity increased a few years ago when merchants started accepting it as a form of payment. In addition to using it in your transactions, you can also trade it with huge profits.

The advantages of currency trading

There are many reasons why you should consider buying the coin. Some of these reasons include:

Ease of entry: Unlike the stock market and other trading channels, there are almost no barriers to entry in the Bitcoin market. All you have to do is identify a seller you can buy from. If you’re interested in selling, identify a buyer and you’re good to go.

global: You can trade the currency from anywhere in the world. This means that a person in China can buy or sell Bitcoin to a person in Africa or anywhere else. This makes the currency meaningful as it is not affected by the economy of a single country.

It is volatile: Like other currencies in the forex market, Bitcoin is very volatile. This means that it quickly changes its price due to slight changes in the economy. If you take advantage of the changes, you can make big profits.

24/7 trade: Unlike the stock market which operates during trading hours, Bitcoin trading is done all day and night. Trading limitations are only for you, not for time.

How to get Bitcoins

If you are interested in entering the market, there are many ways to get the currency. Some of the ways you can use it include:

Buy on an exchange: Here you have to enter the market and you will find people who want to sell the coin. You must identify a trusted seller and place an order.

transfers: You can also get Bitcoin from a friend. Here a friend has to send you the coin using an app on your computer or phone.

mining: This is the traditional way to get coins. In this method, you use the computer to solve complex math puzzles. After successfully completing a puzzle, you are rewarded with coins. Although this method is free, it usually takes a lot of time.


Here’s what you need to know about Bitcoins and trading them. When you own the coin, you can decide to keep it in your digital wallet or trade it.

How to get free Bitcoin

Everyone is in a different situation. One shoe does not fit everyone. So, we will talk about different ways to get Bitcoins for free. You might be wondering if you can get Bitcoins for free. Is possible. In this article, we will discuss 6 ways to achieve this purpose. Let’s talk about them.

  1. Pay in Bitcoin

  2. Affiliate programs

  3. mining

  4. games

  5. taps

  6. Gambling and scams

Falling for scams

Don’t fall for the scams or you will lose all your money. So if you avoid a scam, you can use any other method to make money. You cannot earn digital currency from these scams. For example, if an offer asks you to pay a certain amount and you have no idea what you’ll get in return, you know it’s a scam.

Since cryptocurrencies are quite expensive, it is not a good idea to take risks and fall for a scam. After all, you don’t want to end up losing your hard-earned money in a second.

Bitcoin games

There are some games that will pay you a small amount of this digital currency if you play it for a while. These games usually have a lot of ads attached to them.

All you have to do is keep playing and watching the ads. This way, developers can earn from ads and pay you a share of their earnings.

If you don’t mind watching ads, you can play these games and earn digital money in return.


A couple of years ago, it was possible to earn tons of Bitcoins through the mining process. Nowadays, it has become much more difficult. Today, the market is dominated by big guns that have special equipment for mining.

If you want to mine the coin, we suggest you invest in a lot of powerful hardware. You can not only use the computer for this purpose.

Use affiliate programs

As far as my opinion is concerned, this is the easiest way to earn free Bitcoins. Is it worth it. Affiliate programs work in every industry and cryptocurrency is no exception. For example, you can choose to refer a friend to get a discount or get paid in Bitcoins.

Pay in Bitcoin

Actually, it is not 100% free. However, it can technically be called “free”. Again, it’s like a game reward. You can do this in many ways. For example, you can ask for Bitcoin donations on your site. You can work with someone who pays in digital currency. You can also ask your employers to release your salary in digital currency. This is possible if your employers already pay in cryptocurrency.

If you are hoping that Bitcoin will increase in value, we suggest you go ahead and pay cash to buy it. This is the safest method so far. But if this is not possible for you, you can choose any of the above mentioned methods. Hopefully one or two of the methods work for you.